ABW-SB-20 ( small speakers, up to 30lbs.)
The Audio Bracket Works speaker mounting system brackets are fully adjustable 180' horizontally and vertically. And with our Level Lock coupling and lock nut, leveling and fine tuning are simple.
Easy mount to wall and speaker, extra strong, welded steel for the safest and easiest professional installations.

                                               ***Always Use Safety Cables***

                Pat. Pending
        ABW-SB-30                                      ( medium sized and Line Array  speakers up to 30 lbs. )
             Larger plates and hole diameters.

Black or White Industrial Enamel Custom Colors Available                     

***Always use safety cables***
( large speakers over 30lbs.)

  All of our brackets are rated well over the weight capacities shown, and all hardware is Grade 5 .
   The SB 50 is a Heavy Duty Bracket with larger and thicker wall and speaker plates.
All parts and hardware are a larger diameter, for strength well exceeding the weight ratings of the largest audio speakers.                                                 
        ***Always use safety cables***

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